Big Journey begin with small steps

We started our journey since 2009

  • 2009 Tele Health Service

    Year 2009

    ASK foundation started general Telemedicine services, initially as HTP Telehealth Innovation Foundation

  • 2014 Setting up and strengthening Kalikot Clinic


    We successfully provided telemedicine services for 5000 patients free of cost in a span of 5 years.

    Our support to the Kalikot clinic was as follows:

    1. Internet provision and monthly payment of the internet bills
    2. Lab technician recruited and paid by the ASK foundation
    3. Basic lab setup was helped by the ASK foundation, but the consumable has not been provided. Now sustains its work independently
    4. Weekly Telemedicine sessions run via Kathmandu by a Medical Officer

    Later the same model was copied in different parts of Nepal and expanded to Gorkha, pyuthan, bajura, Humla, Dhading .

  • 2015 Assistance during the earthquake of 2015 in Sindhupalchowk district


    To mitigate the health problems, we assembled a medical team from the ASK Foundation in collaboration with the local government to provide first aid, primary health care and basic medical supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

  • 2019 Assistance during Dengue outbreak


    We conducted a symposium on infectious diseases during the Dengue outbreak in the year 2019 with the participation of national and international infectious disease experts. Speakers included were infectious disease specialists with Dr. Suzzane Donovan from UCLA, Los Angeles being the guest speaker.

  • 2020/21 Assistance during COVID-19 first & Second outbreak


    COVID-19 Care: Nearly 30 healthcare workers from various institutes and those who are working in healthcare institutions like Annapurna Neuro hospital, Manmohan Memorial medical college, Dhulikhel Hospital, etc. were provided with Home isolation Tele consultation service , out of which, most of them were nurses, few were doctors, pharmacists and janitors. A total of 900 telemedicine encounters were provided out of which 450 were teleconsultation from doctors and 450 were nursing monitoring.

    1. Tele-ICU: In collaboration with America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF) and its resources, we provided Tele- consultation to Doctors who are managing COVID-19 cases in various COVID-19 hospitals for around 4 weeks. Such COVID-19 hospitals and the healthcare workers were also trained by experts. The information system was recorded by ASK nursing staff and coordinated with hospitals and experts. List of hospitals with COVID-19 Tele-ICU support: Narayani sub regional hospital, Janakpur provincial hospital and Seti zonal hospital.
    2. Tele-support to Sano Paila: Sano Paila has been providing free telemedicine support to Nepalese communities in Province 2, which has been supported for higher level discussion and consultation by ASK foundation during the COVID 19 pandemic. ASK pool of consultants supported the telemedicine service run by Sano Paila.
    3. Bed Management: ASK foundation created a forum for the doctors and health care administrators to share the availability of ICU beds for COVID patients. Our coordinator from the ASK foundation obtained the update and shared the information about ICU bed availability to persons looking for beds. We also coordinate the admission of patients to the hospitals in the General medical unit or to the ICU. The ASK foundation also coordinated in finding COVID beds for more than 30 cases, inside Kathmandu in coordination with different COVID hospitals.
    4. COVID-19 Care Training and Awareness: As part of COVID management, various advocacy programs have been conducted, either with government agencies or non-government agencies. ASK foundation created an online forum as “COVID Task force” of major stakeholders of the healthcare sector of Nepal, and discussed and shared knowledge and updated information about COVID 19. The forum is still in operation.
    5. COVID-19 Medical Hotline: To address the needs of the general public during the second wave of COVID-19, ASK foundation has been running a medical hotline that has been operational at 9880035000 for the past four months. So far, 70000 plus health enquiries have been answered. We receive calls from all over the country, some even from abroad seeking help for their family in Nepal. Many local bodies have already endorsed the hotline and it has got good coverage in daily newspapers (Kantipur and Setopati), and FM stations.